Classic Car Storage

We are delighted to announce the launch of Mistermatic Classic Car Storage. We have recently expanded our facilities and services to offer secure, safe, managed classic car, motorcycle and camper van storage.

Four packages are available:

  • Standard - this is our basic scheme which offers secure storage with vehicles monitored

  • Maintained - this is as our standard scheme but on a monthly basis vehicles are started, brought up to temperature, batteries conditioned, fluid levels and tyre pressures checked

  • Conditioned - as our standard scheme but the vehicle is stored in a dehumidified environment

  • Ultimate - This combines the Maintained and Conditioned packages for the ultimate in vehicle storage

As an introductory offer, motorcycle storage starts from 50 pence per day and car storage from £2 per day. This offers outstanding value for money compared to renting a lock up garage or even normal car park charges.

Vehicles can be prepared in readiness for use at our main facilities if required by separate arrangement.

For further details, please contact us on:

01792 589469 - 07468 463305

or via this contact form:

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