AdBlue Warning


Further to our recent blog on AdBlue we have had several cars with issues caused by incorrect filling. Some of our customers had vehicles that warned of a requirement to refill the AdBlue tank. Not wishing to have a problem they stopped at a non-Jaguar dealer/specialist and had the car refilled with AdBlue.

Unfortunately, the professionals concerned overfilled the system which caused a serious problem. The sensors believe that the tank is now nearly empty rather than overfilled and within a very short period the vehicle will go into restricted performance mode.

Sadly, in order to reset the system, it meant removing a rear wheel, the wheel arch liner, draining the system down and refilling to the correct level. Finally, the system could be reset correctly.

A very expensive lesson for our customers and one they will not repeat. We are happy to refill your AdBlue system if you need us to and it will undoubtedly work out considerably cheaper than a remedial visit. If in doubt do NOT add too much AdBlue.